How Come They Got Old?

I showed up at Andy’s Diner for the Jerry Kaye Memorial Wake — wandered around peeking into railroad cars looking for "my group" — all i saw was a room full of old men. I kept looking. Went back and double checked — my group was the old men. NO FAIR!!!  How did these dynamic radio personalities become dynamic old men? These guys are STILL too dangerous for uptight radio, too clever for positioning liners. Big Jim Martin was there, as was Tom Murphy, Lan Roberts, Dick Curtis, John Maynard, Steve West, Lee Perkins, Buzz Barr, Pat O’Day, Danny Holiday,  the list goes on and on and on…you know them all if you listened to great radio in Seattle in the 60’s or even 70’s or defying all logic…80’s 90’s …and hold onto your credulity — JOHN MAYNARD STILL HAS A GIG!  No one can figure this one out — a guy who can adlib is actually employed in broadcasting, not on Satellite, or delivered via barter? Call IN SEARCH OF….Bwahna  Johnny (father duffy) famed for getting hit by a train and returning me to full time at KJR in April of 74 (?) is in a home for old radio heroes on Mercer Island…I didnt get to go see him cuz I had a dream date with my 93 year old mom, but several of the other guys went to visit him. Here is a picture.Download bwana_pic_10_5_051_2.jpg

See if you can guess which one is Bwahna, and which one is Dick Curtis. Hint: Dick doesn’t weigh as much, and never did. It is 10:52pm on Friday night — my ride to the airport will be here at 5am. I’m waiting up for Stan to get home so I can ask to borrow a small suitcase…the zipper on mine just broke for the last time!


3 Responses to “How Come They Got Old?”

  1. Mike Barer

    The picture was an eye opener. They don’t call it the OFC for nothing. It seems like you are all young at heart though and that is what counts!

  2. Dogsdontpurr

    This post brings back a lot of odd memories. I grew up on KJR and graduated with KYYX. Pat O’Day’s brother was my history teacher in my Senior year.
    Time flies!

  3. Mike Barer

    I remember around High School when I took my test for a “third phone” and Jr smoked the airwaves. They were giving away Motorcycle, corvettes and lots of unheard of things. Back in Walla Walla all you could win was a 6 pack of Coke.


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