WOW! I won FIVE International Lotteries today, and I never entered any of them — of course, it is against the law for US Citizens to participate in foreign lotteries, but these must be OK because my EMAIL address was selected to win MILLIONS!  Imagine my delight and surprise at winning FIVE different lotteries in ONE DAY!!!!
Just when I thought my luck couldn’t get any better, I heard from three people who, much to their dismay, had their parents, uncle, or business associate pass away. 🙁   Despondent over this tragedy, the only bright spot was the $13million, $15 million, and $25 million that, for inexplicable reasons, requires the participation of a complete stranger (me), for its release and distribution. 
Well, I couldn’t help all these people with appropriate financial advice and participation — I’m a busy man — but I figured that three heads are better than one, so I sent all of them each others’ letters so they can compare notes and perhaps help each other out.
Isn’t this amazing?  One day of email brings me multi-millions in lottery winnings PLUS offers of free loot from "a friend in Christ" at an African Bank, a bereaved widow with loot at an African bank, and an orphan with loot in a safe depost box in the UK (however, all transactions are being handled in Nigeria.)

How did I get so lucky?

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