One of life’s peculiar characteristics is its uncanny ability to imitate art.  That’s why they call it “life,” trust me on this.   My daughter, Anea, and I were having this deep erudite and cookie fueled conversation about “identity pegs” – you know, people pegging their identity, self worth, etc to absurd reference points.

  Example:: people who identify themselves as  PS or PK.  This one really irritates me, especially when they tell the sordid story of how they “came out” to their parents.

  “I was 14 when I told my dad that I was definitely a PSer, not a PKer.  At first he was shocked, perhaps disappointed, but he accepts me as I am.” 

What a bunch of crap.   Anyone who defines him or herself as PS or PK has no idea who they are as a human being on planet earth.  Personally, I’m a PKer. Not that I haven’t had PSer leanings of occasion, but I wouldn’t call myself  PS/PK, dualP, or the latest euphemism, Multi-P.  If you stop and think about it, Multi-P could embrace all manner of P, some of them involving generational issues. 

Yes, there are people who identify themselves as PNG 0verall, with a PG subtext.  I have yet to hear some woman tell me “I decided I was PNG the moment I hit puberty” or some whiney guy gush how he is really happy being PG. 

Listen to me: NO ONE CARES EXCEPT OTHER SK SP PG or PNG freaks.   Damn. Get a clue!   
Don’t define your reality by whether or not you  Prefer Spock, Prefer Kirk, or Prefer Next Generation.  If you’re going to be that absurd, you might as well define yourself by your sexual preferences, the preferred gender of your co-participants,and any particular affinity for manufactured items designed for orifice insertion — by far, the least useful identity pegs of all.
  HINT: Peg your identity to spiritual, moral, and/or ethical qualities. This is far more advantageous to you in the long run, and is far less likely to stimulate an identity crises.

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