I.D.’s “DEADLY SINS” CALLED AGAIN TODAY. Darren Kavinoky & Burl Barer to reunite!

Deadly Sins, starring my pal Darren Kavinoky  is coming back for Season #4, and I've once again been asked to join in.Darren deadly sins

I love DEADLY SINS, and season #4 should be the best yet, and not just because they've asked me to add my snarky yet insightful commentary to several episodes. 

Masters true crimeThey are taking on my story, The Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiricy from the anthology,

MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME (edited by R. Barri Flowers)! Mitf

PLUS the Kirby Anthony case from my NYT best-seller MURDER IN THE FAMILY,



I.D.'s true crime shows have previously adapted cases featured in my books MOM SAID KILL (the Barbara and Heather Opel case), FATAL BEAUTY (Rhonda Glover),  MURDER ON 9/11, and MANLING WILLIAMS' DEADLY SINS. 

The Oxygen Network's SNAPPED was the first to do FATAL BEAUTY, later also featured on BEHIND MANSION WALLS , and DEADLY WOMEN was the first to take on MOM SAID KILL.


It was later re-done by DEADLY SINS as Mommy's Little Killers.


So, I'm off doing research again for DEADLY SINS.  I bet Darren Kavinoky continues dropping by to join the fun on my radio show, TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED.  Heck, he is just down the street and his manager and my manager are the same guy — my co-host, Howard Lapides!  Here they are together on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED!

We all know each other, honest! In fact, Darren and I are both affiliated with Leonard Buschel's and Robert Downey's WRITERS IN TREATMENT, producers of the now international REEL RECOVERY FILM FESTIVALS, and publishers of the absurdly popular Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin.  I make stilly introductory remarks every week about it on the Bulletin's blog!

Obviously this is a giant plot of some kind.  In the meantime, read my books, watch Darren's show, and listen to Howard and me on your computer!

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