In Praise of Editors.

Editors are the inspired clergy of the literature religion. They comfort, admonish and encourage. They bring out the diamond potential in our prolix lumps of coal.   I am blessed with the editors at Kensington Publishing, headed by the resilient and insightful Michaela Hamilton. Mike Shol is currently editing the manuscript of Fatal Beauty, and it is all coming together. Whew.  I pity authors who don't have the blessing of a world-class editor. I've been very lucky. My first book, THE SAINT: A Complete History was edited by Steve Wilson at McFarland & Co.  I doubt I would have snagged the Edgar were it not for his guidance. 

One of the tragedies of self-published (ie self-printed) books is often the lack of editorial guidance, not to mention the lack of sales.  If you want to know all the reasons to not self-publish fiction, visit my nephew Lee Goldberg's blog and for a comprehensive resource of everything to avoid, visit WRITERS BEWARE.

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