Indefinate Detention is UnAmerican! What is our President thinking?

There are no two sides to the debate over indefinitely detaining individuals without charge or trial. 

Indefinite detention means allowing the government to imprison people for an unspecified period of time without charging them with a crime and without holding a trial. 

That would fundamentally alter the character of our democracy. It would also gut the very meaning of the Fifth Amendment which guarantees due process. In short, it would be a human rights disaster

According to an article in the Washington Post last week, a strategy is taking shape in the White House that would authorize indefinite detention — not through legislation, but with a presidentially signed executive order. And just hours ago, the president's press secretary said they would now go through Congress. One thing is clear: the Obama administration is seeking the power to indefinitely detain individuals without charge or trial. 

What is also clear is that whether through executive order or legislation, indefinite detention is un-American. 

This is shocking news. 

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