When tests of masculinity and femininity are given to young people, over and over one finds that creative and talented girls are more dominant and tough than other girls, and creative boys are more sensitive and less aggressive than their male peers.

Ingrid Mouth, artist, entrepreneur  and a most resilient woman, joined me for lunch and conversation last week, and at one point in our conversation I suddenly recalled how completely comfortable and “at home” I was with my  psychedelic experiences  in the 1960’s. She told me of having the same “I know this place” reaction to her equivalent experiences in the 2000’s.   I felt remarkably comfortable with Ingrid, although I am wise enough to know that the comfort of one is not the comfort of all.

Ingrid is an artist. She creates art, teaches art, and manifests art. She embraces diverse forms and a variety of expressions., including film/video. It it is no secret that many brilliant directors begin their careers with low budget independent films in either the porn or horror genres.

Make your best mistakes early. You can’t have a big failure with a small budget. Show off what you can do with a shoestring budget and a g-string costume.

Ingrid and her visual playmates in the realm of personal empowerment and self direction are blending the two low-budget genres of horror /porn with great success because, I believe, they do not patronize nor mock those who appreciate their efforts in mastering a collaborative craft that can, in its elevated moments, approach art.


There is no way of knowing what efforts of low budget exploitation will capture a nation’s imagination or reflect a decade specific preoccupation or sociological manifestation — Night of the Living Dead, for example, or Deep Throat.

The language of cinema was invented at the turn of the last century by pioneers who were free to experiment but today you can’t dare to experiment. People who control the motion pictures want to make (profitable films). Now we’re at a turning point: As artists we can change the world but to do that we need to be free to experiment. — Francis Ford Coppola. 2015

Lord only knows what gifts the tenacity and talent of Ingrid Mouth will bring to her chosen arts. what contributions she will make towards the eradication of discrimination and making some people “the other” but I had the distinct feeling that this person — a person familiar with pain in all forms from hurtful to healing – is poised to, in the decades to come, transcend efforts to master a craft or instigate a niche genre-bending web presence and be remembered long after both of us are gone for doing something truly wondrous and artistically inspirational.

Warning: Ingrid’s on screen performances are not for the faint of heart nor the sexually conservative.  There is a tasteless old joke that goes : 9 out of 10 participants enjoy a gang-bang.  One (or more) of her films posts the disclaimer: “No Models were Harmed in the Making of this motion picture. All acts were consensual”


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