Insanity in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is lovely,  I am surrounded my several the oddest assortment of strange ducks since I researched HEADLOCK by spending days at the McFeely Tavern in Walla Walla. In the room next to me is Elliot, former professional pool hustler, New Jersey Gin Rummy Champion, and real estate speculator. He speculates on what he could have made if he had gone into real estate.

"You know what I’m doing now," he asks rhetorically.

"Yes, you’re drinking."

Then, temporarily was the six foot five 19 year old Russian girl on her way to Seol, Korea from Anchorage, Ak. Don’t ask.

In the end room is a handsome young man sharing the bed with his mother. She is a paralegal, he insist, and not his paramour. Told him I saw The Grifters.

My ex-con canine, Isis, is going stir crazy. Our room is the size of a the new postage stamp commemorating low disc space messages. Every time I attempt taking her for a walk, my cell phone rings — it’s the manager of the hotel (i am, until tomorrow, assistant mgr) telling me that a new resident is on their way to check in. "Fax me all their information," he says. "Okay, which non existant phone line would you like me to use when I hook up the etheric fax machine?"  There is not one phone line in the entire building. I was on my way to walk the dog when it rang again — turn around, go back.  I took this gig because it gave me free rent. Management was very happy with my work! They bragged to the owner, "Burl and his adorable doggie are doing a wonderful job!"  On the good news front, I’m writing the novelization of a new action film, STEALTH. I’ve seen the previews — it looks like a cool movie…a popcorn film with good f/x etc….i think it is about a super-plane without a pilot that gets out of control and real live humans must bring it down…at least that’s what the previews imply. I’ll have the screenplay tomorrow. This will be a fun project. The most fun is the part where I make the bank deposit!

DOGGIE!??!!!??! There are no pets allowed in the hotel!! OOOOPS!

Tomorrow at 8am they pack me up and send me back to the OTHER hotel where they allow dogs and I was paying rent. I just need to put up with this until the 17th of May — then im going to Seattle to see Mom for her 94th birthday. I’ll stay with Jordan and Ida Kitty till the 23rd, then get an apartment when I return to Santa Monica.

Most recent guilty pleasure: Listening to the director’s commentary on DVD of "Vampires II: Los Muertos"

5 Responses to “Insanity in Santa Monica”

  1. Anea

    What on Earth could they be saying during the director’s commentary on VampiresII: Los Muertos?

  2. Lee Goldberg

    Tell us more about your STEALTH novelization. Is this something that your agent got for you… or was it something that came your way through your own contacts? How much time do you have to write it? I only got eight weeks on my MONK…and it’s an original novel.

  3. Anea

    Yay on the new book Papa! 🙂 It should be a fun 2 months! Now, you just have to figure out how to write special effects 😉

  4. beloved sister

    Your mother may be turning 94, but my mother is turning 93.
    She says ” I am nearly 100″ which means you are nearly on social security and I am nearly at the home for The Jewish Aged or the Odd Fellows Home in WW2.
    Bravo on the new book!
    Why don’t you try for a manager position at a hotel like Extended Stay American where at least you have more than one room and I think they allow dogs.
    Holiday Inn allows dogs.
    Fun job to be in the hotel world like that, think of the characters you are meeting , all of whom would be great in your next book .
    Or take parts of this blog and use the people you have introduced us to.
    Meanwhile, keep typing, but you better do as I have to do and use spell check to make sure all words are as you intended.
    Wrong or right, your blog is fun to read and, yes, it does keep us all informed.
    Hugs, your beloved , humble, lovely sister.


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