INSTANT REPLAY: Cyber Sleuth reveals hidden info!

Jules Hammer, America's #1 Cyber Sleuth, broke her 3 year silence on information the FBI requested she not reveal — until now.  I'm flattered that she selected my show, and not CNN or Court TV or FOX, to reveal this info.  To listen to an instant replay of the show – including our hassles getting the telephone to work — just click this link, or visit the show's site at

Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting news on where I will be living after 11am Tuesday morning. You and I will be both soon know if I have a roof over my head, or if I'm in a livin' in a box.  Either way, it will not affect the quality of my new book, or the bizarre nature of my True Crime radio show on Outlaw Radio, or my participation on Matt Alan's extravaganza.  The fun never stops!

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