Internet Clutter — how many blogs must one man have?

Everyone is blogging — but who’s reading? There are so many fascinating blogs on the Internet, I’m always finding new people with new ideas, pithy comments and fascinating interests. But who reads THIS blog?

Tyepad does provide stats — I can see the my post Electric Menorah gets lots of hits for some reason, that Mike Barer is a loyal reader, and people stumble upon this blog after doing google searches on a wide variety of topics — they search for info on sex, drugs, Islam, Baha’i, more sex, my brother, my sister, my nephews, and folks who, well, just sort of show up.   Comments? Well, aside from someone hyping a porno site somewhere in Eastern Europe, and DogsDontPurr’s kind remarks about my damaged eyeball, the comment section has been as dry as Jethro’s Pump (reference to Maverick episode GUNSHY),
I also crank out the website for OUTLAWCRIME.COM   the home page of my weekly Internet radio show.
Please go there and make a comment. Despite VOX  being in the Typepad family, VOX does not provide any stats at all! So, I don’t know if anyone has ever even SEEN that site.
Do me a favor — visit  and leave a comment. Even a HELLO would be nice.
Oh, and please listen to my show on Saturday afternoon 2pm pacific time. You can listen live by clicking this link.

7 Responses to “Internet Clutter — how many blogs must one man have?”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    I clicked the link, but it didn’t work. It only works if I type it in without the WWW. I’ve found that some address work that way for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. DogsDontPurr

    Ok…so I made it over there, but it says you have to join Vox to comment! Oy! I really really really don’t like having to register to comment. So I guess that lets me out over there. But what I was going to say is, have you tried putting in Sitemeter or one of the other stat counters? Usually you just put a little snippet of code into your template. I don’t know if Vox allows you do that, but if so, then you’ll get all sorts of details about who’s going to your site.

  3. Mike Barer

    I get lots of hits for KJR’s Traffic Reporter, Tracy Taylor. If I did not write that first one paragraph post, I may be averaging 3 or 4 hits a week.

  4. Burl Barer

    okay fun lovers ….you can do me this favor then if registering at VOX is a factor. Go to the main site and click where it says “Guest book” on the menu. You can leave a message there and that will certainly impress matt alan LOL
    The complete show archives are there..and if you want to hear a fun show…the april 12th OUTLAW RADIO SHOW (Matt’s) was hosted by me cuz Matt was a couple hours late. My guest was former “escort” Victoria Snow who had never been ont he radio before, and certainly not on anything like THIS SHOW…its a hoot.

  5. DogsDontPurr

    Alright already…I signed the guest book….and now there is someone else over there pretending to be me!
    Burl Burl Burl! I loves you, but one blog is too many…two is not enough…and three, I’m under the host!


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