Is it a Crime to be Poor??

A man drives a 1986 Buick Century with a current value of $220. Buickcentury86

It has a crack in the windshield, for which he is cited by the police. The cost of replacing the windshield is more than the value of the car, and he doesn’t have the money anyway. He contacts the court and explains that he cant repair the windshield because he has no money. They give him an extension. He is still unable to repair the windshield, and therefor stops driving the car.  As he cannot repair the windshiled, the court fines him $376 and the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend his license.

Does this make sense?

If a man cannot pay to replace the windshield, why fine him even more money for not having money?  This is insane. Essentially, he is being charged money for being poor. The more you can’t pay, the more expensive it is.

My cousin Alan Barer had a yelow Buick – I think it was an ’86.  I have one also, it too is yellow.

My Dad had a 1983 Buick Park Avenue — white with red leather interior.
MMMMMMMM! What a car!! It was like driving your living room. 1a8c4a5651366537657808883728f5a7_t
I was stopped by the cops outside of Yakima on Hiway 12 on suspician of being Hispanic. Honest!

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