It would be a crime to overlook THE DEAD MAN series!

Thedeadman_logo (1)Fabulous interview with my talented nephew, Lee Goldberg (he takes after me, obviously), on Amazon's Kindle Daily Post Blog site today about The Dead Man series. Dead Man Collection V1 Cover While you read it, know that I am writing the first draft of my contribution to this spine-tingling thrill packed adventure series — the first "episodes" in this series of page-turners are so damn good, I'm under more pressure than a deep sea diver to reach the same level of bug-eyed gut wrenching nail biting suspence and action.

Thankfully, I have Lee Goldberg and Bill Rabkin to guide me through the process. I'm lucky to be part of The Dead Man crew of writers, and you will LOVE this, really!  Read the Kindle Daily Post and get The Dead Man

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