Head shot coverHEAD SHOT — the 2012 Edition, updated with more info and a snazzy new cover is available for order right now!


MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME — edited by R. Barri Flowers, various "Masters of True Crime" contribute some of their favorite crimes and investigations, including Burl Barer (that's me!) Masters_ This one is also available for advance order, and comes out in June, 2012.  

 What could be more exciting that a clever jewel theif caper in the manner of The Saint, The Falcon, Raffles, and other gentlemen thieves? Not much, and the satirical Falcon Arcaio adventure, THE TREASURE OF SIR THOMAS CONWAY by Burl Barer is only 99 cents right now on KINDLE
While you're at it, 99 cents also gets you my short story collection, NOBODY'S PERFECT on Kindle or Nook.

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