It’s All Showbiz — Lessons I’ve Learned in Broadcasting.

The touchstone of reality is this famed line from Mel Brooks:

"Be it politics or history, it's really no mystery. The truth of 
the matter is, it's all showbiz."

There once was a man named Spicer who wrote and distributed Anti-
Catholic hate literature. He made his living selling HATE against 
Catholics. Why? Because Hate is a business, and in his memoirs he 
acknowledged that he became Anti-Catholic not because of any real 
reason, but because there was a market for it. He was going to be 
an Anti-Semite and sell hate against Jews, but there was already 
a company back East that had that market pretty well sewn up. He 
did research and found that there was potential to make money on 
the West Coast selling anti-catholic hate literature. If he 
couldnt make money as a Jew hater, he would make it as a Catholic 
hater. And he did. His hatred wasn't real, but the money he made 
was. Again, it was all an illusion. He sold prejudice for a 
living. He saw it no different than selling anything else. If 
people were silly enough to buy it, he was silly enough to cash 
the check.

Remember the CNN show CROSSFIRE? A "liberal and a "Conservative" 
would argue back and forth and yell at each other. Well, that 
wasn't real either. Every show they were told what side to take, 
even if they didn't really believe that way, and play the part!
None of it is real! I have pals in the business who when they 
show up for a TV show ask "do you want me to be on the right or 
the left?" They don't care. It doesn't matter. It's SHOW BIZ. 
And they are ALL playing a role.

The "funniest" (or most absurd) was when a JOKE by a 
"Conservative" talk show host (or someone playing the part of a 
conservative) was taken SERIOUSLY. And repeated over and over. 
Every time they say it, they are giggling under their breath..the 
joke was ..and im sure you've heard it…
"The Liberal Controlled Media" It was originally said as a joke 
because Rupert Murdoch, Michael Eisner, General Electric, Time-
Warner AOL and Viacom are all owned and operated by 
conservatives, and the "slant" of network right of 
center, and the same with corporate newspapers. 

Having been in the business since I was 15, and now being 63, 
I've learned that NONE of what you hear on American talk shows 
can be taken seriously as having any foothold on reality. Even 
the "opinions" of the opinionated are not always their REAL 
opinions. Everyone is acting. It's a part they play.
Those of us in the biz know it, and it is no secret. Also, 75% of 
the audience knows it too. 25%, however, think it is real.
Like pro wrestling.

I did my first radio show when I was 15, and I still do one today Award winning show at that…and I didn't get it by being a 
high-profile criminal!

The quickest way to get your own show is to get outed as a crook, 
criminal, liar or fraud — but with lots of publicity.

Oliver North, for example, faced charges of TREASON against the 
United States ( death penalty offense, or at least life in 
prison), but cut a deal giving him immunity if he testified. This 
qualified him for a radio talk show portraying him as a true 
american patriot! 

Michael Medved was busted for taking bribes…pay me to give your 
film a good review..his career as a film critic was of course 
destroyed by his corruption and dishonesty…so he re-invented 
himself as a critic of Hollywood! Now THAT'S balls..and clever.

As famed "conservative" Wm F Buckly admitted, he would have been 
a liberal commentator instead of conservative, but there wasn't a 
job opening for a liberal when he was first looking for his 
niche, but there was a job opening for a conservative!! It was 
simply a marketing decision, not a decision based on his actual 
personal beliefs. 

Every radio station that runs Rush, Medved, North, etc runs a 
disclaimer, usually in the middle of the night, that says, 
basically, DONT BELIEVE A WORD OF THIS — it is for entertainment 

And that's okay. The law protects satire and humor, and no one is 
obligated to tell the truth. The real change came when NEWS was 
put under the ENTERTAINMENT division at the networks. 

The bottom line is this: if the most "Conservative" talk show 
host in America could make more money as a "liberal" talk show 
host, his politics would change in a heartbeat. And vice-versa.
None of it is real. It is all showbiz. It is like professional 
wrestling. Good guys become bad guys, and bad guys become good 
guys depending on story line and market research.

My show doesn't get into partisan politics at all…my show is 
about "true crime"..and the only time "politics" comes up is when 
there is crime involved…such as Sarah Palin defending herself 
from allegations of corruption and her costs to defend herself. 
Turned out that the most expensive case was one where she 
actually ACCUSED HERSELF OF CORRUPTION and then had to spend 
money defending herself against HERSELF! I know that sounds 
crazy, and I didn't understand it until my co-host, an attorney, 
explained the advantage of doing that sort of thing for legal 

Yes, I listen to talk radio and get a good laugh…because that's 
the idea. It's entertainment….its role play. Just as I play a 
smart-ass wise-acre with no sense of taste on my show, balancing 
against my co-host who is a respected high-class family law 

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