Jim Lichtman — Honest!

It is my personal pleasure to call Jim Lichtman my friend. Not only is he a good guy, but he gave my book HEADLOCK a rave review. I know he meant what he said because Jim is honest. In fact, when it comes to honesty and ethics, Jim wrote the book. The Washington Post called Jim’s first book, THE LONE RANGER’S CODE OF
THE WEST – An Action-Packed Adventure in Values and Ethics,
“…entertaining and informative.”  New York Daily News columnist
Stanley Crouch called it, “An attempt to ring the bells of ethics and
courage once more.”  His latest book, WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?  features
stories “about principles that matter,” from Mario Cuomo to the Dali
Lama to ordinary citizens.

Jim Lichtman has been writing and speaking on ethics to corporations, associations and schools since 1995. Feature stories and appearances include USA TODAY, the Washington Post, the Weekend Today Show in New York, National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, NY-1 and CNN NewsNight with Aaron Brown.   Jim’s Op-ed pieces have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, New York Daily News, and New York Times.

A graduate of the Josephson Institute’s Ethics Corps, it is the strategies and techniques offered by this nationally recognized Institute which form the basis of what Lichtman believes and teaches.

Not long ago, Jim posed the following questions:
(1) How much trust and confidence do Americans have in the critical institutions that constitute a great part of the infrastructure of the country – corporate, government, and media?

(2)  Are Americans, themselves honest and trustworthy or are they willing to bend the rules for personal gain? 

(3) Is America becoming a culture of corruption? 

Then, Jim did the research required to get the answers. I recently read the study, and found it both fascinating and encouraging.  I hope Jim makes this study widely available, and that it gets more media coverage than it has received so far.   Do a search on Jim Jim Lichtman — go ahead, Goodle him…it’s worth the time…HONEST!

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  1. Jim

    Thanks for the kind words, Burl. A copy of the study can be found at http://www.cappscenter.ucsb.edu. It will also play a part in a new electronic book that will be released via my Web site,(scribblers-ink.com)to be titled: “IT’S ETHICS, STUPID!”


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