John McCain is the ORIGINAL MAVERICK????? I don’t think so!

Poker maverick I got a phone call from Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun Times.  I thought he was calling about THE SAINT or maybe some true crime story — nope.  He wanted my to make sense out of John McCain's claim to be the Original Maverick. Brown (not seriously) suggested that perhaps McCain played Brother Bart. No, that was Jack Kelly.  Here is the feature, published today (Wed.) in the Chicago Sun Times.

If you missed Saturday's show featuring famed model, stunt driver, and former Mob babe Georgia Durante, you can hear it right now! Here is the link for INSTANT REPLAY.

We (Don Woldman, Judi Faye, Matt Alan and Burl Barer) had great fun with Georgia, and she was soo pleased that she promised us that "nobody is gonna do anything." Georgia's book, The Company She Keeps, comes out in paperback in October. So does my new book, Mom Said Kill.  There will be a snazzy MEET THE AUTHORS celebration that month, and YOU are invited!! Stay in close contact with us for all the details. 


2 Responses to “John McCain is the ORIGINAL MAVERICK????? I don’t think so!”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    That’s a great article in the Times. Very cool!
    And I’ve got your book on order, so hopefully I’ll be able to come to your Meet ‘n Greet in October. I’ll definitely be needing your autograph!
    PS…How’s your eye? Are you able to start bungy jumping and horse back riding yet?

  2. Burl Barer

    Thanks! It was a fun interview. My eyeball is still in my head, although vision in that eye is terrible! No bungy jumping, but I am living on the edge.


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