JOY LEARY in Encino

Several years ago I had the pleasure of attending a workshop presented by Dr. Joy Leary.

It was one of the most valuable and important afternoons I ever spent, and have sung her praises non-stop (out of tune,perhaps) ever since.  Now, Dr. Leary is providing a free public presentation Friday night, October 20th, at the Encino Baha’i Center.  Doors open at 8pm, her talk is at 9pm. Yes, there are refreshments.  4830 Genesta Ave Encino, CA

Those who have experienced Dr. Leary’s lectures have been stimulated,
enlightened, and more during her workshops. Dr. Leary’s seminars have
been lauded as the most dynamic and inspirational currently being
presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary
social issues. Her clients have included academic institutions such as
Oxford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Fisk
University, Smith College, MorehouseCollege and the University of
Chicago to name a few. She has also presented to federal and state
agencies such as The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Probation
and Parole agencies, Juvenile Justice Judges Association and Police
departments. Dr. Leary has worked with major corporations and companies
such as Nordstrom’s and Nike, the NBA Rookies Camp, and with the
renowned G-CAPP program based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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