June is False Domestic Violence Charge Awareness Month.

June is False Domestic Violence Charge Awareness Month.

Each year, thousands of lives are damaged by false domestic violence charges.

Why do people – men and women – file false domestic violence charges? Several reasons:

To gain leverage in a divorce action

To protect themselves when the police are called and they are afraid of prosecution if they don't make a false accusation.

To win a lawsuit, often without even filing one – gaining hush money

To get 'payback' for a slight, real or perceived

Simply because someone is angry

To win an argument in a very dramatic and public fashion

To join the 'brotherhood and sisterhood of victimhood' – being a 'victim' gains a special status, a place of honor for their 'suffering.'

A Domestic Violence charge is far too serious to be trivialized by false allegations, which are rarely prosecuted on the flimsy ground that prosecuting false accusers would deter real victims.

Real victims are people who have truly been victimized by the wrongful, violent conduct of another person – including victims of Domestic Legal Violence: The use of Law Enforcement Officers to physically force someone into jail and force them to be prosecuted and threatened with further imprisonment for a crime they did not commit.

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  1. Michael Vendetto

    I have been arrested and jailed twice for alleged domestic battery by my wife. Both times there were no marks , bruises nor witnesses . My wife has mental health issues but can easily come across as a “real victim” Both times the State Att. chose not to prosecute but I was still ordered to Domestic Violence classes at my cost during the restraining order / injunction hearing where the Judge actually caught my wife changing her “story” but at the same time ordered me to the classes. No due process , I lost faith in a system that I thought would at least give you a due process.


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