Kareem lakers

No man in the history of the game has achieved the stats and/or status of Kareem Abdul Jabar. He is the one and only, the incomparable team player whose achievements are a testimony to what one can achieve when you are not in the game alone. 

Sewer rats, however, are not pleasant, but are really usefull for garnering hits on your website. My own web stats show that putting Kareem and Sewar Rats in the title gets more traffic….and I want the traffic to promote not only my latest books and weekly radio show, but also the books of talents I admire — and there are many of them.

Thedeadman_logo (1)You noticed that I've been promoting THE DEAD MAN series, the new supernatural thriller/action novellas, and I'm relentless hyping my most recent true crime books, FATAL BEAUTY, and MOM SAID KILL…plus MURDER IN THE FAMILY, now enjoying a re-release from Pinnacle True Crime….Be a good sport like Kareem. Be a team player. Enjoy my books, and the books by those I admire (such as my nephew Lee Goldberg, nephew Tod Goldberg, just to name two.)






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