KARL KROGSTAD: America’s #1 hit film maker …at least in my book.

  I've known Karl Krogstad since the early 1970's, and have worked with him on a variety of projects over the years. I actually got paid on a couple of them, but that was a bonus. Karl is a friend, and when friends call and say "Let's do this!" Well, you do it.  So, Karl and I have done all sorts of stuff from the award winning to the obscure. I even have the poster for a film he never made — it was cheaper to make the poster for RECTAL BLEEDING than to make the film.  

My finest contribution to Karl's legend — and I forgot to mention this when recently interviewed for a new documentary about Krogstad — is that I made him a major character in my novel CAPTURE THE SAINT.  Karl is not only central to the plot and the twist ending, but more importantly is credited with directing the #1 hit film in America, THE BANDIT.  I figured that Karl wouldn't have that distinction in real life, so I might as well bestow that credit upon him in a work of fiction.  

So, for the real story of Karl Krogstad, get the book SHOT TO DEATH.  For the fiction version of Karl Krogstad, get CAPTURE THE SAINT.

You can see clips from several Krogstad films, some of which have performances by Burl Barer, on YouTube.com, or on Karl's own website. 

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