BURL LIPE MULTIThis is how I looked during the filming of Karl Krogstad's documentary "Surrealism."  The photo was taken by Ms Jesse Lipe, whom I thought was the cat's pajamas. Sadly, the cat refused to remove them, but she did capture me on film. So did Karl.  

The gas station exploded in a giant fireball. — The Last Ride

Karl invited me for lunch on my birthday, 12 noon at the Harvard Exit movie theater.  We didn't go for fast food, nor did we choose any of the nearby eateries. Karl cooked lunch, making a marvelous gourmet meal in the clutter of his "home away from home" kitchen.


 To many, Karl is famous. Then again, so am I.  When you do something for a living, you don't find it unusual to do what you do.

If your mother is an opera singer, it is perfectly normal and reasonable to have an opera singer f Love_on_the_seineor a mother.   If you grow up in a family of writers/authors it no different than growing up in a family of mechanics, magicians, numbers runners or equestrians.  My daughter was once asked if she were any relation to Burl Barer, the author. When she replied "That's my father," the person asking didn't believe her. Apparently, "famous" people don't have kids, or if they do, nobody meets them.

KARL PAINTED THIS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  We have known each other since 1974, and have worked (played?) together on numerous projects, including a series of TV public service announcements that won the NW Film and Video Competition and were aired relentlessly by NBC during David Letterman's show. That is probably the closest Karl has come to "mainstream"  I made Karl a major character in my novel, CAPTURE THE SAINT.  The difference between the Karl of fiction and the Karl of real life is that in fiction, he makes big budget Hollywood movies with major stars, wins Oscars, etc.  In real life, he's not much intersted in that sort of thing, although if you offered him enough money, I don't doubt that he would give you your money's worth.  

While he was cooking lunch I shared the story of how I signed every copy of Man Overboard "I will always treasure the week we spent together in the Bahamas"   Turns out, Karl does something very similar. He signs his book SHOT TO DEATH with a reference to the "torrid night in Boston" shared with the books purchaser.  Great minds obviously think alike. Karl's book is fascinating, informative and great fun. Buy it, read it  believe it.

Shot to death




  1. Burl Barer

    I actually asked about that.
    In truth, he has undergone an alteration in life style activity/proclivity that precludes extending the frame. His focus now relies up one lens.


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