Kerrie Droban wins USA BOOK AWARD!

Kerry Droban Our pal, crime hottie Kerrie Droban, just won a BIG AWARD! Yes, Ms Droban, already famed for getting hit by a truck on her way to our True Crimes show last year, just won the USA BOOK AWARD for Best Non -Fiction True Crime for Running with the Devil.   

That's the book about how our wise ATF wasted millions of dollars in the most stupid "infiltration" of the Hells Angels imaginable.  Well, that wasn't the goal of the book, but that sure is how it turned out. It is a real page turner, and while there are bikers who think the undercover agent who "stars" in this book is full of more crap than a Loon Lake outhouse, Kerrie deserves this award because (a) she knows how to write, (b) she  looks real hot in tight jeans, and (c) she uses a quote from Burl Barer on her web site… the one where I call her a "mystery babe!"  That's why I figure that the "tight jeans" remark is perfectly cool — after all, that isn't an insult.   I look good in tight jeans too, and my book. MOM SAID KILL, didn't win the award – her's did!Kerry Droban

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