KOL RADIO (reposted from 2006)

KOL AM started around 1929, making it one
of Seattle’s earliest radio stations. It was owned by the Seattle
Broadcasting Company, and located in a building on Harbor Island. There
aren’t many records of the station’s earliest days. By 1958, KOL was a
Top 40 station. The studios were still on Harbor Island, surrounded by
gasoline storage tanks, railroad tracks, and busy shipyards.

came to Seattle in the summer of 1965, and visited KOL one rainy night
that fall. On the air was Danny Holiday. I asked him lots of questions,
and I must admit that although Danny and I became friends over the
years, and was one of the first to call me on the phone after my heart
attack May 23, 2005, he really pissed me off that night! We both laugh
about it now — but it served me well. It made me absolutely determined
to one day sit in his chair and play the hits!  I joined KJR in 1966,
and in 1968 Danny called me from KUUU and offered me a job. Dick Curtis
called that same day offering me a job at KOL. As I was delirous with a
104 fever that day, I turned them both down. I wasnt until I got over
the flu that I remembered the phone calls. Despite turning down Curtis’
original offer, I moved to KOL in April  1968. Twenty years after first
meeting Danny Holliday, 1985, he was doing the Rock n Roll Time Machine
on KZOK.  I was flattered when he requested that I fill in for him
while he was on vacation. I did, and it went so well that KZOK hired me
to do thirteen Weekend Specials. What fun! Thanks Danny

As for Kolorful KOL, in 1965, you could find Dex Allen, B.R. Bradbury, and Buzz Barr on the
AM. Buzz was made PD, and he re-launched KOL as "Kolorful KOL, 13
Double O." Robin Mitchell came on board in 1967. Robert O. Smith,
whom i first met working at KJR, also moved to KOL.  Dick Curtis moved
over from KJR as PD, and he also did
afternoons. Tom Murphy, Bobby Simon, Gary Crow, Robin MItchell, Chris
Hill, Greg Connors, Don Wade, Paul Oscar Anderson,George Garret, Gary
West and many other radio legends were part of KOL  Buckley
Broadcasting became the new owner and GM in 1968. Dick Curtis was named
GM of the AM in 69. He brought Lan Roberts back
again to be PD and morning man.


A Little Bit Country…

IN 1973, KOL FM’s independent programming ended. They briefly
simulcasted with the AM again and then switched to soft rock. In 1975,
both stations were sold to Hercules Broadcasting, owned by Manning
Slater. The FM was changed to KEUT, an automated, beautiful-music
format. The AM became KMPS, with a country format patterned after a
station they owned in Sacramento. Rick Stewart was PD and also on the
air, along with Art Lind, and Lee Rogers, playing the KMPS "Corral of
Country Hits." Kay Spilker was sales manager, and Jim McGovern was GM.

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  1. David Zarkin

    1958 to 1962 I was a huge KOL fan listening to Jockey John Stone who later turned up on an AM north of San Francisco. “Color Channel KOL” jingles still ring in my addled head. I am so glad that you resurrected your Habor Island days when you ruled the airwaves on 1300. (I was listening to WPBC in Minneapolis by then). This is a wonderful post. (I also loved KAYO – another top 40 wonder).


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