I woke up Friday morning thinking about Lan Roberts. I saw Lan recently when we got together with other well known has-beens to honor our deceased pal, Jerry Kay.
Lan, sadly, didn’t look well at all. He wasn’t.  He passed away Friday. Damn. My friends must stop dying — but I guess that’s the price we pay for staying alive. Bwahna Johnny also passed away about three days after Lan, Tom Murphy, and several others visited him on Mercer Island.  It wasn’t their fault, honest.
Lan was a brilliant radio talent and one hell of a nice guy — kind compassionate and appreciative of every pleasant and positive thing in life. I’m proud to say he was my friend, and I will miss him.
Here is a pic of Lan (l) and Jerry Kay (r) from "back when":

5 Responses to “LAN ROBERTS SIGNS OFF”

  1. Mike Barer

    I talked to Lan on the telephone once while he was in the hospital. Other than that it was all by e-mail and all because of his web site. That is the magic of the media. I think he met many people like that. Even though he didn’t make a nickle off his web page, the rewards were immeasurable.

  2. Karen

    I am so happy that we still get to continue hearing Lan’s great voice and all the fun things he shared with us.
    He got me interested in the computer and helped me get my first one going, thanks Lan for your kindness and for your love.
    Karen Hawaii

  3. Mike Barer

    A couple of posts were talking about how many radio personalities were lost in ’05. Thank God you were able to evade the grim reaper.

  4. Dan Mullene

    I was saddened to hear of Lan’s departure from us. I grew up listening to him on KJR in Seattle. A friend and I even had the privilege of going “pig trolling” with him one time many years ago.. I have the photos to prove it!
    He will be missed.. I can still hear him on his morning show saying: “whatcha got on… your radio??”
    The world lost one of its gems, and Heaven will be enjoying his wacky sense of humor for some time!
    Dan Mullene, Edmonds, WA


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