My guest this week LIVE on TRUE CRIMES is Peter Christ.
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"Legalization simply means the elimination of 'Schedule 1'. All other discussion is about regulation." — Peter Christ

Peter Christ retired as a police captain after a 20-year career enforcing drug laws. From the beginning, Peter believed "the drug war can never be won and it is doing more harm than good."

Peter then originated the idea of creating LEAP, a drug policy reform group of current and former members of law enforcement 

Peter speaks of the Drug War's impact on: police/community relations; the safety of law enforcement officers and suspects; police corruption and misconduct; and the financial and human costs associated with current drug policies. These issues include the effect of drug prohibition on the judiciary, sentencing issues, prison populations and minority communities, as well as the usefulness of drug education programs in reducing drug abuse.

Peter's discussions absorb his audiences – blending the troubling facts of the failed U.S. policy of a war on drugs with the Will Rogers' type humor and homilies of a down-home philosopher and the practical approach of a skilled police administrator. In addition to working for drug policy reform, Peter is a member of the Police Conference of New York, the Western New York Association of Retired Police Officers, and the Police Captains and Lieutenants Association of Erie County.

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