Lesbian Action Hero

IN HER LINE OF FIRE brings us America’s first lesbian action hero!  In case you are wondering, the action hero is the blond with the machine gun — the dark haired buxum beauty is the object of her affection.
Glad we got that cleared up.

This HERE! original — forgive the grammar — was shot on video, but lacks the visual creativity of WOLF CREEK, also shot on hi-def.  IHLOF’s plot? The Vice President’s plane goes down in the South Pacific, then the blond goes down on the brunette. Oooops. Well, before we get that far, the blond kills dozens of Pacific Island extras — it’s ok, she’s used to it, having killed hundreds of Iraqis in Desert Storm. She is a Secret Service agent. The other woman is a reporter. The VP is held hostage by mercenaries (US MARINES) training the islanders in killing methods, and killing method actors. In truth, the best part of this A-TEAM meets the Lesbionic Woman TV flick is the bad guy played brilliantly by David Millbern. This guy is going to be a star. Honest. He is much better than the film. After the screening, I was asked what I thought. Being diplomatic, I replied "I LOVED THE ENDING!"

WOLF CREEK,Wolf_creek
which I mentioned up there is a scary movie that really delivers the chills.  The film is based on two true crime events.

Fist the killings by Ivan Milat. It is famous in Australia and
known to Aussies as the Backpack Murders. The girls in the movie were
based on victims Caroline Clarke and Joanne Walters. They were British
tourists that toured southern Australia together in 1992 when they ran
into Milat, and he killed them brutally. Both were violently stabbed
multiple times and Clarke was shot in the head several times.
Milat killed at least 7 people and recieved 7 life sentences. But speculation is that he may have killed up to 30.
It also based on the disappearance of Peter Falconio. He and his
girlfriend were touring the Australian outback, and on a stretch of
highway leading from Alice Springs to Tennant Creek, they stopped to
help a motorist. Falconio was shot and his girlfriend was tied up. She
escaped. Bradley Murdoch was convicted on DNA evidence and currently
serving a life sentence. Shot on a budget of 3.5 million, not a cent is wasted. The acting is excellent, the directing superb. It is scary as hell.

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