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Leslie Charteris, creator of THE SAINT, just had his  99th birthday.  He wasn’t alive to celebrate it, but it was observed here in Los Anglesles by millions of people doing daring deeds of tremendous heroism — such as pretending to believe the government doesn’t lie to them, that all cops are
honest defenders of your rights as a US Citizen, and that invading soveriegn nations to loot their resources and wealth is a humanitarian act.  Obviously, I’m in a cranky mood.  Perhaps that is because I just read how the Land of the Free (supposedly America) now spies on just about everything and everyone — which is good because with all that data, they couldn’t ever figure out anything.
The picture up there is of Leslie Charteris and Roger Moore taken back in 1962 when Roger first portrayed THE SAINT. For more information on THE SAINT, visit THE SAINT website.  You can also visit the LESLIE CHARTERIS web site.

Today (Saturday) I fly to Seattle for my mother’s 94th birthday. She is still alive, thank God.  My brother, sister, and other relatives will be there too. We will all have fun.  On the 23rd will be the one year anniversary of my heart attack. Gee, life sure goes fast!

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