Liberty Mutual is Going to Hell and you can watch!

My daughter returned to Pflugerville, Texas from her grandfather's funeral to find her home destroyed.  Not 100% destroyed, but about $70,000 worth of damage total.  She had home insurance, and they promised to hold her hand through the entire process — until they discerned the cost of the damages.  Suddenly, their entire attitude changed, even to the point of accusing her of fraud. "You just want money" snapped the investigator. "No," replied my daughter, "I don't want a cent. I simply want my home repaired!"

Bottom line: they refused to cover any of the damage.  My daughter took the issue to the state insurance commission. Their answer was the most telling of all – "They violated the SPIRIT and INTENT of the policy, but not the LETTER of the policy. There is nothing you or we can do."

Okay — you read that correctly. The insurance company violated the spirit and intent of the policy, but clinging to the letter, they denied the claim. In short, they VIOLATED the essence of the real purpose and intent of the policy , and found a way to screw my daughter. This means they are doomed. For real. I'll tell you why.  This company is a subsidiary of SAFECO.  Uncle Sid wrote the history of SAFECO still used by all SAFECO employees. I personally trained the SAFECO customer service reps in Bellevue, Washington.  Liberty Mutual is a child of SAFECO.  The child is going to hell, and so are the miserable assholes who denied the claim. Uncle Sid will haunt their dreams and make them miserable until they make this right. Period. You think I'm kidding?  Just wait. Honest.  I know Uncle Sid. He will not tolerate this crap. Neither will his pals who ran SAFECO back when it had integrity and insisted their sister companies had it too.  

Oh, just sit back and watch. Yes, they can save their ass if they make this right..but they better move fast. Karma moves quickly in the 21st Century.  This isn't some sort of vengeful wishful thinking. This is a 100% accurate prophecy of what is about to transpire. There is going to be a shit storm of scandal that will uproot that company, expose its ugly mistreatment of policy holders, and ruin its reputation and business for 100 years.  And the individuals who thought it was cool to NOT PAY, and screw my daughter will be on their knees BEGGING for mercy from a power that has pledged to forgive no man's injustice.

Do I sound like a nut? Maybe. But you will see it with your own eyes. It will even make the news. Can it be avoided? Maybe…maybe it is already too late to stop it. If you work for Liberty Mutual, be ashamed, be very ashamed.

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