LIES LIES LIES and Stupidity

I am continually amazed by people who intenionally lie to hurt other people, or to prove a point.  I am also amazed by people who lie about everything all the time.  I guess it is some mental problem where they actually are not capable of telling the truth.  

Then we have politicians who lie repeatedly, and of course they know they are lying and they know that their fans are either idiots or fools or both.  A polite term for people who don’t know much about important issues, facts, reality, etc are termed “Low Information Voters.”   In the previous Presidential election, a candidate proclaimed “I love low-information voters!” And he meant it!

In our personal lives, people lie for diverse reasons. Most often, they lie because they fear that telling the truth will get them in trouble.  The only time it is ethically okay to lie is to save a life or to give hope of recovery to someone who might die if they lose the will to live.   Telling kids that it is NEVER okay to lie is not a good idea.  It is okay to lie if the Nazis are looking for Jews to kill and you know where Jews are hiding.  To tell the truth in that situation is to be complicit in the murder of innocents.

Telling lies about others is, generally speaking, both cruel and heartless.  I don’t endorse such behavior, nor do I tolerate it.  I hope you don’t either. My faith teaches not to “inhale a word of backbiting.”  When someone comes to you with gossip about the behavior of others, you can refuse to hear it.  Do not pollute the waters of friendship with gossip and backbiting

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