Liza With a Z

Liza Lizaz With a Z, completely restored and gorgeous, was screened Thursday night with Liza herself in the audience.  It was an absolute delight. Following the screening, Liza and those responsible for bringing this 1972 TV concert back to life looking better than it did the first time around on TV, took to the stage for a discussion of the project. Then Liza sang a song, cried with joy, and we all ate cake and cookies.  Sometimes life is very nice.

Eating cake outside the theater were all sorts of  Hollywood types — casting directors, actors, singers, dancers, and out of work executives. The cake was excellent, the conversations amusing, and for a brief moment in time, I didn’t think about my MBNA bill, Verizon bill, or any of that crap. Ahhhhh….the distracting magic of show biz!!

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  1. dave zarkin

    Lucky you, scoring a ticket to this Liza event. I would have loved that. Never saw the special when originally aired. Maybe I didn’t own a TV at the time? Will look for it on DVD. I saw her on Larry King Live? and thought she looked great. Look for her as a small child in the last scene of a MGM Judy Garland musical. (Can’t remember the name).


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