LOGAN’S RUN: There’s Just One Catch……

Tonight we watched LOGAN'S RUN, the classic sci-fi thriller starring Michael York. About twenty minutes into it, I posed the famous "JETSONS" trivia question: "Who is the Black person in the Jetsons?"  The punchline being, "Isn't the future wonderful?"  This same joke can be played with Name the Jew in the Jetsons," "Name the Hispanic in the Jetsons" and "name the Latvian in the Jetsons"

In case you can't figure it out, there are no Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or Latvians in the Jetsons.

Same with Logan's Run.  I dare you to find a good Mexican restaurant in the future, a Kosher deli, or any food that isn't recycled people — all white meat at that.  The film begins with a fancy giant crowd scene — when I first saw all those 1970's era white people waving their arms and shouting I thought we'd tuned into a pre-election Republican pot party.  Aside from all the color relegated to art direction, its a cool film. and Peter Ustinov (as always) steals the film.  Have Peter Ustinov and Burgess Merideth ever been in a film together? If so, did any other actor even dare show up?

If you haven't seen LOGANS RUN since the mid-1970's, go back and take another look — and just like the Jetsons, you won't see anyone resembling the Jeffersons.

Logans run

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