LowI don’t know how I missed this one in the theater, but I’m sure glad I rented it on DVD. This is one hell of a film, very disturbing, and mostly true.  Rent it, watch it, and then watch the evening news.
Oh, speaking of news…did I tell you the latest on Desert Storm? Seems that arms dealers paid Saddam $100,000,000.00 to "invade" Quwait.  It was all an arranged scenario to up weapon and armament production. <sigh> Why is this not surprising?

I went to Barnes and Noble not far from Mel’s Diner today — signed BROKEN DOLL (they had one copy) and noticed that they had THIRTEEN COPIES of Tod’s new book, SIMPLIFY.  EIther my latest is selling so well that there is only one left, or they only had one to begin with and it still hasn’t sold. As for Tod’s book — let’s hope the had 26 copies and have already sold half of them.

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  1. dave zarkin

    Was I dreaming? Did anyone else hear it last night? I am talking about the Target commercial during Smallville on the WB with a redo of “Nothing Can Change the Shape of Things to Come” from the 1966 American International Pictures cult classic, “Wild in the Streets.” Try to even find this movie, but I was lucky enough to record it off of Sundance several years ago. And who besides me remembers hunky Christopher Jones singing “Nothing Can Change”. This is truly amazing that Target resurrected this song from a memorable low-budget movie.


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