Love and Romance Advice

If you are in a crowded room, and suddenly you lock eyes with someone of the opposite sex, and you feel yourself suddenly overwhelmed by a vortex of near hypnotic enchantment, desire, affinity, and lust — run like hell. That is the first symptom of a neurotic relationship. People are usually best off in love with someone who doesnt appeal the them in the least, whose company they loath, and whose very touch makes their skin crawl as if stretched over a layer of parasitic insects. If their love is strong enough to overcome such marked avesion and antipathy, they wont get so upset over who has the remote control to the television..

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  1. Mike Barer

    A sweeping generalization for sure. It also should depend on if your looking for long term or short term fulfillment.
    Many people just are looking for a one night stand or a fling and in that instance, the type you describe should fill the bill quite well.
    Anyway who needs Dr. Phil?


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