Janet McClellan
Janet McClellan is a real smarty pants. In fact, she is a professor! You can take my word on how smart she is, or you can read the next long paragraoh that backs me up. Okay, believe me and skip the details  


Professor McClellan is receiving her Ph.D. from Northcentral University, in Prescott, AZ. She received her Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Dayton, Dayton, OH and her Bachelors Degree from Park University, Parkville, MO. Her research focuses on sexualized violence, in particular lust murder. Among her publications are the following: "Sexual (Lust) Homicide: Definitional Constructs, Dynamics, and Investigative Considerations" Serial Murder and the Psychology of Violent Crimes (Chapter 13); "Delivery Drivers and Long-Haul Truckers: Traveling Serial Murderers" Journal of Applied Security Research; "Childhood Animal Abuse and Future Interpersonal Violence: A Review of Linkages" Journal of Applied Security Research; "Unsolved Homicides: What do we know?" Journal of Security Education; "Hurricane Katrina: Lessons for Academic Emergency and Disaster Management Degree Programs" Journal of Security Education (Vol. 1, Issue 4); "Theodore Bundy: Case Study in the Analysis of the Efficacy of Offender Profiling Classification" Journal of Security Education (Vol. 2, Issue 1); Urban Homicide: An Analysis of Verbal Models and Current Research" Transactions. Professor McClellan joined the University of Alaska Fairbanks Justice Department faculty in Fall 2007.

She also writes clever mysteries for fun, and in depth crime investigation studies on such topics as LUST MURDERS.  She has been a cop, a corrections officer, a warden and an educator.  See, I told you she was a smarty pants. Well, someone this smart deserves to spend time with Burl Barer, Don Woldman, and Judi Faye on TRUE CRIME AND on Outlaw Radio!  Yes, Janet McClellan will get the full treatment as we probe her obsession with lust, homicide and long haul truckers who kill. Yep, she is a real interesting character, this all-too-talented and versatile woman who, despite multiple warnings, agreed to be my guest this coming Saturday 2om PDT.  You can listen live to the show Saturday June 21st 2pm PDT  by clicking the listen live link
RIGHT HERE. Or from the show's web site

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