Married to a Psychopath? Time to return the Wedding Gifts!!!




Don Woldman, famed family law attorney, and co-host of the show will have a great time with this one!
Dance with devil

 For Barbara Bentley, the honeymoon was over — at least that's the way her nut-case husband wanted it. This is the amazing true story of Barbara Bentley who survived her husband's attempt to kill her only to fight California's divorce laws in a battle as intense as the one for her life!

Bently gained local and national media attention for her struggle to change a strange characteristic of California's divorce laws that allowed Perry to collect alimony after their separation, despite she being a victim of attempted murder at Perry's hands.

At the start of her relationship with the intelligent and worldly John Perry, Barbara Bentley couldn't believe her luck — then, bit by bit, doubts about her husband's honesty began to creep in. He drained her of money, dodged her questions, manipulated and misled her — and she stayed with him, doubting her own suspicions.

When he tried to kill her, she figured maybe her intuiting was correct.  When your husband is a psychopath, compulsive liar and would-be murderer, it's time to return the wedding gifts and head for the hills –or at least protective custody and a damn good  lawyer.  



A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is Barbara’s courageous, compelling story, in her own words—of the slow, choking darkness that fell after the honeymoon was over, what it took to finally drive her to escape and start her life anew, and her tireless efforts to protect other women and help them learn from her example.

“Harrowing account of Bentley's near-destruction by a skillful con man during their 14- year marriage. The first-time memoirist narrates this improbable nightmare in an easy-to-read conversational style that makes it all the more unsettling " — Kirkus Review  

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