Married to the Mob? Not any more! Mafia Wife Crashes into Showbiz!

Mafia Wife Tells All This Saturday!! Ron Franscell Instant Replay

  • Listen Live  this Saturday 2pm Pacific Time to hear the shocking true story of what is was REALLY like to be married to the  Mob!  Joining us LIVE in the Lighten Up Lounge is Georgia Durante, world famous stunt woman whose most death defying stunt was staying alive when her Crime Syndicate hubby put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger — TWICE!  
  •  This is gonna be a knock down drag out hold your breath until you scream etc sort of show…plus Georgia is a hottie who, according to vicious rumors, slept with every crook in America whose last name ended in "O" or "E"
    Is that true? We will drill for the truth this Saturday!
    Meanwhile….did you hear our interview with
    Ron Franscell last Saturday? If not, you should listen to it on INSTANT REPLAY

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