MARTHA! This is a Joke!

My friend and co-worker, Martha, had a slight problem with my post "How to Write Good."  English is not her primary language.  Smart, hard working, and dedicated, Martha looked to my blog for guidance and inspiration on how to write well.  The problem with "How to Write Good," she told me, is that I used words and phrases that were difficult for her to understand. 
What made this even more embarrassing for me, is that I couldn’t figure out how to explain the joke.    The same problem came up the other night when I told my friend Glenn about the Reform Jew who went to the Orthodox  Shul on Shabbat.

Glenn: "Why does the Reform Jew attend the Orthodox Shul on Shabbat?

Burl: He can walk. 

No, Martha, I can’t explain that one either.

One Response to “MARTHA! This is a Joke!”

  1. Danny Barer

    Vivisecting a joke generally has the same effect on the joke as vivisecting a frog has on the frog.
    The only way to truly explain a joke is to affect an exasperated gasp and snap, “What? You didn’t get it? It’s a joke!”


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