Media Executives Arrested in Phoenix

Media Executives Arrested in Phoenix

Two executives from Village Voice Media — a company that owns a number of alternative weeklies including The Village Voice, The LA Weekly and The Phoenix Times — were arrested Thursday night in Phoenix on charges that a story published earlier in the day in The Phoenix New Times revealed grand jury secrets….Michael Lacey, the executive editor, and Jim Larkin, chief executive, were arrested at their homes after they wrote a story that revealed that the Village Voice Media company, its executives, its reporters and even the names of the readers of its website had been subpoenaed by a special prosecutor.
The subpoena asks for information not only about the newspaper’s reporting, but also the information on readers who may have seen material deemed confidential published on the newspaper’s website, including the internet domain names and browsers used, and any other information about online readers of the publication since Jan. 1, 2004.
Yipes!  If they ask me who reads my blog, and everything about you…I’ll tell them the only people who read my blog are Dogsdontpurr and my dog, Isis. I wont tell them Dogsdontpurr is a person. Let them figure it out.
"Nazis! I hate those guys!" — Indiana Jones

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