merry xmas AND ALL THAT JAZZ

Baby Jesus is Away in a Manger, someone is banging a drum, and some
good king with a name I can’t spell did something or other. Yes, it’s
Christmas — the Christian holiday that is a hell of lot more loving
than Easter. I aways loved Christmas songs, and Christmas cheer, and
all that stuff. I despised Easter cuz the week before Easter the
Christian kids would beat me up, then on Easter they would steal my
eggs and crush my basket.  Christmas was better — everyone is freindly
and just wants to get the damn thing overwith and figues you are as
miserable being happy as they are.
So, have some eggnog, rip your
gifts open and, if you are like me, you will miss those holidays from
years ago when you were younger, those who have died of old age or
illness were vibrant and fun, the kids were in heaven, and after being
stuffed full of food, we would sneak off to some new first run movie on
Xmas day.
I mixed all my tenses, I know — but that’s because
memories are timeless, and I’ve had some wonderful times at Xmas…it’s
never been my holiday, but it was, for almost thirty years, my favorite
"family day."
Those days are gone.

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