MIGRAINE PAIN — My Head is Going to Explode!

Migraine headaches are not "just a headache," they are hell and anguish trapped behind your eyes. They are passed lovingly from mother to child, and I've suffered from them most of my life. Since reaching advanced age, they have lessened — until today. Horrifying beyond description, the pain kept me huddled under a blanket in an attempt to engulf myself in darkness. Silence is also imperative, but you won't find that in the kitchen of the NOHO Hostle. Nope, wannabe actors who scream and yell and brag about being off their medications as to not interfer with their "natural state" discuss celebrity porn and failed auditions within three feet of my misery. There is no place else to go, no refuge from the pain and insanity. The headache hit at about ten this morning, and it is now 5:43pm. I have accomplished nothing, made no progress on any project, and the prospect of walking in the cold and rain up to the corner to buy some high-grease dinner doesn't excite me.  As nice and affordable as this place may be, the various changes here in the past month have made it non-conducive to creativity and inspiration. I've often said that I can write anywhere — but I am revising my opinion.  Medications? HA! There is no such thing as a free medication..and I'm out of many that I require. Depression and anxiety are gradually overtaking me. I'd planned on going to the clinic today with my Rx history…I never made it. I was too busy dealing with "Migrain logic" — if my head would only stop beating, the pain would stop.

According to experts, Migraine headaches may be triggered and amplified by stress or depression. Duh. Pardon me for being stressed and depressed. I need to write, but the light from the screen pierces my brain like ice picks. Huddled against the cold, with my tension increasing, I must go get something to eat or this will only get worse. MR WIZARD! HELP!!

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