Missing Persons: The Shocking Truth about Kerrie Droban

Kerrie Droban, defense attorney and award winning author failed to appear Saturday June 14th for a radio interview on the top-rated Internet talk show, TRUE CRIME AND…  Co-hosts Burl Barer and Don Woldman scheduled Ms Droban for a full one hour discussion of her controversial expose of the ATF's infiltration of the Hells Angels, RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL. When Droban didn't call the show as arranged, producer Matt Alan made numerous calls to both Droban's office and her personal cell phone. The silence was deafening. 
Undeterred, but concerned, Barer and Woldman, assisted by Special Features Editor Judi Faye, went ahead with the show.   Barer and Woldman, doing their best to make comedic material of the situation, had Judi Faye play the part of Ms Droban so they could ask their pre-arranged questions, interspersed with comments from Hells Angel Sonny Barger. "We were having a laugh over the situation, and doing the best show we could under the circumstance," said Barer, "but underneath was an undercurrent of honest concern for her well being. It simply is not like a professional such as she to not call in or answer her phone."

While TRUE CRIME AND was on the air, Droban was escaping death. "As it turns out," said Faye, "Kerrie was in a horrid auto accident just prior to the show, and was not even released from the hospital until six hours after the show was over.She was pretty banged up, but lucky to be alive."

Despite having devoted a full hour broadcast to Droban's RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL, Barer and Woldman have extended an invitation to her for another appearance. "We're thrilled that she wasn't killed or crippled," said Barer. "I couldn't imagine that she would stand us up on purpose. Of course, if she had, we would have thrown her under a bus ourselves."

Host Burl Barer is an Edgar Award winning author of international reputation, Don Woldman is a famed attorney known for his A-List Hollywood clients, and Judi Faye, widow of the classic comic Joey Faye, was formerly a cast member of 9 Broadcast Plaza, forerunner of The View.  TRUE CRIME AND is heard Saturdays 2-3pm PDT on Outlaw Radio.  For more information, visit www.outlawcrime.com  or www.outlawradiousa.com

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