MOMS WHO KILL THEIR OWN KIDS…or almost kill them!


Marc Feldman is the leading expert on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy —
the weird mental disorder that compels mothers to poison or even kill
their own children — make the kid sick so they can get sympathy or God
knows what.

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (MBP), an individual falsifies or induces illness
in another person to accrue emotional satisfaction —but this time
vicariously.  This is a form of maltreatment  rather
than a mental disorder. Children are the usual victims and the mother
is the usual perpetrator.

There have been several
notorious cases of moms who have murdered their own children and passed
off murder as sudden infant death syndrome….hear the shocking truth Saturday 2pm PACIFIC TIME when Dr. Feldman is our guest live!
Just click this link to hear the show live!

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