Mopping up in True Crime — Alan Emmins’ fame is growing!

I was recently delighted to receive a message from famed journalist Alan Emmins, author of the cult classic crime book,    Mop Men: Inside the World of Crime Scene Cleaners

I visited his blog, and his MySpace page, and WOW, was I impressed. It turns out that the rather famous Alan Emmins is on a world tour, currently in Denmark. However, due to the amazing invention of the telephone, Mr. Emmins has volunteered to actually make a transatlantic phone call to join Don Woldman and me on True Crimes this Saturday, 2pm PST. You can listen live by clicking THIS at 2pm Pacific time this Saturday. Now I am REALLY impressed with this guy.  In addition to talking about MOP MEN,  he will share his experience of comparing homeless life on the streets of NYC with London. Yes, he emptied his pockets and lived broke on the streets in these two major cities, then wrote about his "Adventures."
Here is the scoop on Mop Men:
Mop Men: Inside the World of Crime Scene Cleaners

Neal Smither is making a killing. His business puts it plainly: "Crime Scene Cleaners: Homicides, Suicides and Accidental Death." Whenever a hotel guest decides to check out of life, the cops finish an investigation, or an accidental but bloody death is reported, Neal and the Crime Scene Cleaners are the ones picking up the pieces and mopping up the stains.

In 'Mop Men', journalist Alan Emmins follows Neal and his unlikely team to gory locations throughout California. He learns how the work is done–and how to make millions doing it. As Emmins rolls up his sleeves to get down with the gore, he takes us behind the scenes of this little-known aspect of society's most gruesome deaths. In the process, he examines not just the public fascination with murder but also how a man like Neal can make a living simply by praying for death.

Filled with eye-opening, gut-wrenching details of one of America's strangest jobs, Mop Men shows what life is like for the hugely successful and extremely eccentric Crime Scene Cleaners, the men who step in after CSI steps out.

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