Morphine in Texas

Well, I came to Texas to be interviewed for SNAPPED — the TV show about women who 'snap' and kill.  It was great fun, and the folks from SNAPPED were wonderful.  Problem: somehow I messed up my sciatic nerve and am in great pain.  My daughter finally took me to the ER where they gave me TWO shots of morphine for the pain.  The pain went away, and I got a degree in advanced drooling and nodding off.  Today, the morphine has worn off and I am still in pain. Not as bad as yesterday, but enough for me to wish I had more morphine, despite the drooling.

It would take Xrays etc to find out exactly why I am in so much pain, but that costs money. This isn't one of those advanced civilized countries where your tax dollars go towards universal medical care.

 I will stay here in Austin till Friday, then fly back to L.A. to host the Award Winning "TRUE CRIMES"

on Saturday. Our guest will be Star LaBranch, collector of true crime atrocities.

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