MOSCOW HUMAN RIGHTS: No, not Moscow Russia — Moscow, Idaho!
I just returned from the action oriented human rights conference at the University of Idaho where I was the keynote speaker. Naturally, I made friends with my tasteful non-offending remarks:

"A priest, a pedophile, and a rapist walk into a bar — and that’s just the first guy!"
(rim shot!)
Then I told some other equally offensive jokes. While they were busy searching for strong rope for an impromptu lynching, I asked a gentleman if he wanted to be more forgiving. "Sure," he said, mustering his most effusive spirituality. "Good," I replied, "because I’m sleeping with your wife!"

Point: In order to be forgiving, you must have something to forgive!! 
No kidding. Want to be more patient? Stand in the longest line at the grocery store.
It all worked out fine, and by the time we escaped with our lives, they had forgiven me, paid me, and given me hugs!  It was wonderful!
I had it easy — the conference workshops were conducted by hard working brilliant experts on diverse diversity topics who were all spectacular.

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