Meeting in the Ladies Room — no homicides please!

You're listening to our interview with  Stacy Dittrich broadcast December 19th on

 <<< Yes, that's Stacy. She spilled more proverbial beans in her live interview than she perhaps originally intended. Listen and learn about killer cops and endemic corruption.

On a more inspiring note,

Ladies room
 "Meeting in the Ladies Room" is the perfect gift for any woman!

Whether you are an idolized celebrity or a struggling single mother, the ladies room is where you create your make believe, and where you face your reality. Join 68 brave women from around the world for an empowering look in the mirror and a meeting in the ladies room. 

Featuring Jann Arden, Amanda Palmer, Rosie O'Donnell, Jen Foster, Sarah Bettens, and SHeDAISY

Visit for more information.

"Meeting in the Ladies Room is one of the most thought-provoking books I've read all year. Throughout its pages, authors Linda Woods and Karen Dinino and dozens of other women embrace and confront the vast array of ideas, hopes and dreams that catch one's inner voice unaware in this private space. The photos and short essays are fascinating." 
~Shannon Okey, Author/Editor,

"A book that is bold and brave and reminds us just how complex, challenged, strong and amazing we are as women. " 
~Alisa Burke, Artist and Author of Canvas Remix

Yes, Karen and Linda are sisters, and two of my sister's four literary off-spring. All four have new books out in time for holiday gift giving.  Lee Goldberg has a new Mr. Monk book, and Tod Goldberg has "Other Resort Cities."

As for me, MURDER IN THE FAMILY was recently re-released, and nothing says Happy Holidays like a MOM SAID KILL coffee mug!

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