The demand for my first Pinnacle True Crime book, MURDER IN THE FAMILY, took us all by surprise — orders exceeded supply. It broke into the New York Times Best Seller list just as the publisher ran out of books!

Now, it's back…and if you don't have it already, this is a good time to order it direct from the publisher at 30% off.

MIF  Kill, Kirby, Kill

On March 15th, 1987 police in Anchorage, Alaska arrived at a horrific scene of carnage. In a modest downtown apartment, they found Nancy Newman´s brutally beaten corpse sprawled across her bed. In another room were the bodies of her eight-year-old daughter, Melissa, and her three-year-old, Angie, whose throat was slit from ear to ear. Both Nancy and Melissa had been sexually assaulted.

Run, Kirby, Run

23-year-old Kirby Anthoney was a troubled drifter who had turned to his uncle, John Newman, Nancy´s husband. But little did John know that the nephew he took in was a murderous sociopath capable of slaughtering his beloved. But while police built their cases, Kirby bolted for the Canadian border.

Lie, Kirby, Lie

First they hunted him down. Then, authorities began their long, bitter battle to convict him. But justice would not be done until Kirby Anthoney took the stand in his own defense—and showed the world the monster he truly was

16 Pages of Shocking Photos!

COREY MITCHELL, Author of PURE MURDER,Pure murder  returns to TRUE CRIMES on Outlaw Radio Saturday Sept. 19th 2pm Pacific, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern and 10pm UK.


Corey will bring us up to date on the recent developments in the Yogurt Shop Massacre, the subject of his famous book, Murdered Innocents.

Murdered innocents

Yogurt Shop Massacre

On December 6th, 1991, fresh-faced teens Jennifer Harbison and Eliza Thomas began to close up the Austin, Texas yogurt shop where they worked. They were joined by Jennifer’s younger sister, Sarah, and her friend Amy Ayers. Less than an hour later all four girls were dead—apparent victims of a fire. But closer examination revealed that they had been bound and gagged, sexually assaulted, and shot execution-style. It was the most horrific crime the peaceful college town had seen since the infamous University of Texas Tower shootings in 1966.

False Confessions

With no physical evidence or eyewitnesses and more than a hundred bizarre confessions to weed through, the Austin police faced one of their toughest cases ever. The family and friends who chanted “We will not forget,” would have to wait nearly eight years before Robert Springsteen IV, Michael Scott, Maurice Pierce, and Forrest Welborn—teenagers themselves at the time of the murders—were taken into custody. Intense questioning revealed how their plan to rob the yogurt shop exploded into a drug- and sex-fueled spree of rage and brutality. But their story wasn’t over yet.

Strange Justice

In February 2003, several months after the final verdict had been read, a final shocking twist would rock the city of Austin once more…

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