MURDER IN THE FAMILY reviewed by Jeffrey A. Cohen.


Best selling author Jeffrey A. Cohen recently posted this review of my book, Murder in the Family.  I love praise. 


book review by Jeffrey A. Cohen.

"One reads MURDER IN THE FAMILY demanding justice from the very first page, and knowing justice will never be enough. Exceedingly well written and humanely rendered, it is the story of an unspeakable crime and heartbreaking tragedy: the brutal, sexually sadistic murders of a mother and her two young daughters in their home. The reconstruction of the crime itself, the investigation leading to a family member, and the trial of the unrepentant psychopathic killer are all masterfully and compellingly handled. And nothing is lost, not the brutality of the crimes or the suffering of the victims; not the anguish of their loved ones left behind; not the cruel and petty narcissism of the killer; and not the emotional impact on the community and all those involved in the investigation and trial. This is a book about human tragedy, loss and evil. No one mentioned in its pages will ever be the same, and those whose lives were stolen will always be loved and remembered–Barer shows us this clearly." 

Murder in the Family' Although Murder in the Family first came out in 2000, I'm thrilled that it continues to sell well, and receives such glowing reviews.

I hope folks enjoy my next book, FATAL BEAUTY, as much as they did Murder in the Family. 
Fatal Beauty Cover

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