My Life Is a Guaranteed Best Seller. You write it and I’ll give you 10 Percent.

Someone says that to me about once a week, and my standard response to  their life story is "How does it end?"  In truth, most unknown people's lives are quite interesting, especially to your grand kids.  Even if you can't spell, and are a dreadful writer, I strongly urge you to write your life story and set it aside for your kids and grandkids. People love to know where they came from, and your personal history gives your children and your children's children a true sense of relative identity.

Being a true crime author in addition to writing the new adventures of Leslie Charteris' THE SAINT, I am also contacted by people who want me to use my considerable influence in helping solve a crime, or get some sort of "justice" for someone– primarily them.

The most frequent requests come from the decidely irrational or outright dishonest. They take their OPINION of a matter of fact. Just the other day someone wrote me about their sister-in-law kidnapping her daughter. A quick search on the name revealed abslutely nothing about the child being missing, kidnapped or any efforts by law enforcement to find the child because the child was not kidnapped — she was simply put in the care of a relative because the person writing me was wacko. What was actually a legal decision regarding custody was mis-represented to me as a kidnapping.  Being an investigative journalist, I have a fairly high BS detector. So, before you ask me to "take on your case" please remember that I'm not a lawyer. I am an author and investigator. Now, if you know of a real grisly sex/greed motivated murder where there was a n investigation and a conviction, please tell  me. I am looking for a good case now for my next true crime book! 


4 Responses to “My Life Is a Guaranteed Best Seller. You write it and I’ll give you 10 Percent.”

  1. Brandon Toni Parrera

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  2. Anea

    I don’t know how I missed this post before today, I love it! 🙂
    I always get the giggles when you pull your glasses down and say with such a look of concern “Really? How does it end?”
    Love you papa!


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