My Blog Debut

Now, at last, I’ve joined friends and family documenting the details of our lives on-line. This is how we know (a) what our family and friends are doing, as they are too busy typing to actually tell us, and (b) how to tell them what we are doing because we are too busy typing to tell them.

I am in Santa Monica, California. It is lovely here. The sun shines and Lord only knows if they have ever heard of Lobster Thermadore. I was living in Venice — not Italy, but Venice Beach where prices are high and so are the majority of the residents — artists with cannabis sativa sensibilities. That isn’t one of my shared interests as the aroma of that particular burning vegetable makes me green around the gills.

Speaking of gills, people fish off the pier in Venice. I understand fishing in Loon Lake. The most scary thing you might catch there is a real ugly brown trout or a tinch. But in the ocean you could catch some real horrid mutant prehistoric God-Knows-What Godzilla sort of thing! I mean, nobody knows what is even IN THERE! Ask a marine biologist and even they will tell you it’s safer to fish for red meat in Kansas than drop your pole into the Pacific. You could dredge up Gorgo or Jimmy Hoffa or both at once. You probably don’t know this, but the original edit of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL had Michael Renie giving a big speech about not fishing in any body of water not bordered by railroad tracks and trailers. Trust me on that.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the company of famed Hollywood private detective Fred Wolfson. Fred has the never-ending distinction of having saved Groucho Marx’s life, as detailed in the book LIFE WITH GROUCHO. He also was the private eye who solved the mystery, "Who Sold the National Inquirer Tom Arnold’s Love Letters to Rosanne Barr?" All America was holding it’s collective breath for the answer to that one, as you assuredly recall. You don’t? Me neither. The answer, for those of you who missed the shocking revelation, was Tom Arnold.
That’s about my quota of old show biz gossip.
As for me, I’m within walking distance of an excellent Patty Melt, an OK burrito, and a decent video store. Life is good.

9 Responses to “My Blog Debut”

  1. Anea

    Welcome to the blog-world papa! 🙂
    Glad to hear that you like your new neighborhood. When are we going to go to Loon Lake? I had a moment earlier this week where I was pretty sure that all in life would be good if I could just get a nutty buddy from “the store” and smell the Granite Point Park smells.

  2. Susan Balcuns

    Has ANYONE I know of EVER experienced a miracle in their life?
    I work at Windsor Manor, a retirement community in Glendale, CA. We have MANY Ficus trees around the property, and this is a breeding ground for native Hummingbirds. Every year we have many nests, and this one year a probably new and very nervous mother built a nest next to our front door. Well, albeit to say, the nest was not strong enough, and the babies kept falling from the nest and literaly “Floated” down to the ground!
    Hence, here is my miracle….I actually held a baby hummingbird in my hands and put it back into the nest. Surfice it to say, the babies survived and we watched them fly off….. Can you top this in terms of a miracle??!! How many of us have held a BABY HUMMINGBIRD in our hands??!!

  3. Mike Barer

    Hey Stranger, It has been awhile. Everything is fine up here, when are you coming back to Seattle?

  4. Lan Roberts

    Hey Burl, Everyone at the Old Farts Club misses you and wonders what happened to you after your raft broke loose and you ended up near Taipei which was strange since Taipei is a bit inland from the ocean.
    Write when you can. I’m still fighting with the Big C and lung cancer but at the moment I’m in remission. yeaaaaaa.
    Much aloha ole friend and good luck on your next book. I know it will be a best seller.
    Lan Roberts
    Somewhere in Texas embarrassed every time Shrub tries to speak.

  5. Burl Barer

    Lan, make sure you check out my sister’s blog, Curran Events. She too has battled the LC (no, not Leslie Charteris). Gotta admire a woman who has beat it three times and still lights up!Sheeeesh!

  6. Mike Barer

    When I found out last year that the CEO of my old company ICON had lung cancer, I wrote to him about Jan and Lan. He really appreciated the letter. Unfortunately he was diagnosed late we lost him a couple weeks later.

  7. jim hewett

    Hey Burl,
    Good to see you’re still around. Around where? I have no idea what part of the universe you’re in. I’m still in Palm Desert. Still haven’t written a book or done anything else productive. e-mail me and catch me up.


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